A Beginners Guide To Handheld Ham Radios

Thanks to the massive popularity of handheld ham radios, everyone wants to get their hands on the device and use the same for a long list of reasons. But one cannot possibly get it all going without understanding more about the product and exploring the different features that it has to offer. Due to that, we are here with a guide that will help every beginner make the most of the process and take things to head in the right direction. So if you have been looking into handheld ham radios, then this guide is meant for you.


 Ham Radios


The term ‘ham’ is mainly used to refer to an amateur, and the ham radios are another way of saying amateur radio. But ham radio operators are not amateurs as the term describes them to be. They are individuals who have been in the field for years and continue to dominate in places where the services are still in use. Under this context, the term commonly refers to designated radio frequencies that are used in the radio community. These are non-commercial bands that are kept aside for enthusiasts.

When it comes to history, one must note that ham radios go back to the early 20th century. The different benefits and the explorative nature of the community have been significant contributors, and people have all seen the many things that have come into the picture. Be it computer networking or monitoring disasters; ham radio has always managed to take things forward and help people to a great extent.

Apart from their common uses and benefits, these radios are also used for other reasons, and some of those very reasons might even surprise you.

  1. Distance Dialling- ham operators are known to participate in competitions to see how many hams they can connect with in distant locations. This process is ideal and has managed to come forward with exciting results that are always cherished.
  2. Moon Bouncing- bouncing radio waves off of the moon to communicate with others from all around the world is another special reason why people use these products. Since ham operators know all about it, they go ahead to get it all done.
  3. Digital Data- thanks to newer transmission technologies, one can also send digital signals around the world and share things like pictures without needing wireless internet. This particular use is another major boost for ham radios and a special one to consider.

The Equipment

While ham radios of the past have their own way of extending lines of communication, the modern products are quite different from the rest. They tend to operate by using top features like Internet protocol (VoIP) and move forward to enable the process. Due to that, there is a lot of interest in buying the right ham radio, and people go about doing so by exploring the different products available on the market. For this purpose, one can always consider reading top reviews that talk about the best handheld ham radio.

While the product remains independent for the larger part of the picture, there are a few ways through which you can increase its capabilities. An external handheld ham radio microphone or a portable ham radio antenna is a few of those options, and exploring the same will enhance your product and take things forward.

Top Features

The modern ham radio comes forward with a lot of features, and understanding the same will help you purchase the perfect product. As modern features have always managed to bring in innovation, the top features of a ham radio are no different. For example, the different kinds of ham radios that are currently available in the market are waterproof, powerful, and also come forward in different sizes. Due to that, you have a lot of options to choose from, and doing so will help you get the best product.


Be it the purpose or its features, handheld ham radios are quite effective, and using the same will help you get used to a new experience. Thanks to all, you need to check out these devices and look towards the different kinds of benefits that it provides.